I spent the entire weekend in Collingwood.

On Friday we (The Twerps) played at The Tote with the amazing Pikelet band. Extreme Weeze also played that night, one guy, Joe. Before I met him, everyone referred to him as Alex's (Alex and The Ramps) younger brother. Ahem, from now on please don't do that. Extreme Weeze deserves his own plinth. He was my highlight of the night (besides Shags in the Pikelet band churning out the wildest sounds from his vintage analogue equipment)...Go see Extreme Weeze at his next show, I can't wait. See you there. Back to spending the entire weekend in Collingwood, I helped my girlfriend set up her debut exhibition at a gallery located directly across the road from The Tote. The view from the room looked out onto a wall that I always see but have never really stopped to appreciate. This is the mural Keith Haring painted on the wall of Collingwood Technical School, Johnston Street, in 1984.

Just up from the Haring piece, towards Smith St, I discovered a gem of a record store called Louie's Record Lounge . Louie's the cat that run's things and hangs out on the counter snoozing most of the time. He stocks some killer punk from the U.K, U.S and Aus/NZ, and full crates of Exotica and plenty of 7's as well. I was excited to find this Moffs 7'' and Arthur Lyman's classic record Taboo 2, 1959, and even more classic cover art (that was once banned for being too scary).

Rhiannon Smith's show 'Return To Sender' opens at Off The Curb Gallery on September 12. For 'Return To Sender' Rhi makes jewelery and paper sculptures inspired by the forgotten practice of writing letters, handwriting, postcards, and correspondence. And opening drinks are at 6pm on the 12th x

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krakha said...

Louie's closed down in November. ouch. thanks for the link to my blog. :) I will return the favour with a post one day. promise. Kompound Kids.