This film clip is perfect for Jonathan Richman's song, Egyptian Reggae.

Jonathan Richman with another song about Egypt, you have to see this, the footage is amazing, it looks as though it's been filmed on a VHS camera in someone's backyard in Greece.

Alright on more... This is him performing 'Everyday Clothes' on a television show in The States. He's straight from the 'Old World' isn't he, with the melodies, the themes, and the hip shakin'. I love it, a true charmer in the old school sense of the word.

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Alex Fregon said...

Hey man, Ernie Brooks - the guy I was telling you about, from the Arthur Russell doco - was a member of the Modern Lovers. I don't know these guys at all, but I'll have to check them out. You should definitely hunt down the doco ( have a look at