Museum Station Melbourne

I found some vintage melbourne train memorabilia on the weekend! Here's two Australia post souvenirs, commemorating the opening of the city loop. In particular Museum Station (renamed Melbourne Central in 1997), which was the first station in the loop to open; with it's tunnels out to Burnley and Caulfield (1981).

I dug a little deeper into the history of Museum Station, and found some nerdy, but cool history, like this promotional brochure.

A Harris/Blue train pulling into the loop just after the opening of Museum. Most of the blue contained asbestos, so they were wrapped in plastic and dumped at the Clayton tip. There is a refurbished version of a Harris M carriage at the Williamstown Railway Museum.

Action Loop was a promotional film made around that time about the construction of the City Loop.

And here's Puzle and Knew's promotional piece in the 80's


Al said...

Man, you're turning into a full train geek! That's awesome.

Check this out - there's this model steam locomotive society in Moorabbin, near where I lived last year:,+rowans+road,+moorabbin,+victoria&sll=-37.783116,145.115181&sspn=0.385302,0.617981&ie=UTF8&ll=-37.942406,145.05293&spn=0.001451,0.002414&t=h&z=19

Danny said...

Sweet find, I love the second picture. Asbeston trains, wow.