Ben Pell (You Will Die Alone, Shark Attacks) serenades us with another beautifully crafted pop number. The blend of his trademark tremelo sound and rough, distant home recordings makes me wonder whether the summer shores of Kabuki Beach are in fact the cold, rickety floorboards of his bedroom. That's what this song does, it fucks with our notion of surf inspired music sounding summery and warm. It's definitely warm, but the opposite kinda warm, a wintery warmth that comes from a coupla mugs of a cheap clean skin and a dodgy Aldi heater working overtime in his room. The bits and pieces i've heard so far from Pageants are so good. I really think this project will claim a spot of music real estate that seems to have been vacant since Malkmus's 'Live In Honolulu' record, circa 1963.
DOWNLOAD Pageants - Kabuki Beach

In this post I had to couple Pageants's song with this song from the New Zealand band The Bats. It's taken off their seminal album from 1987, 'Daddy's Highway'. It was cool to hear the ABC use another song off this album 'North By North', for the opening credits of their new program 'The Hollow Men'.
DOWNLOAD The Bats - Had To Be You

This isn't the 80's Pastels from Scotland, this is an insane slice 60's surf garage that doesn't suffer from the sameness that the millions of other 60's surf tunes do.
DOWNLOAD The Pastels - Jungle Run

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ruby may said...

Do you know what?
I love that you write such nice positive things. I love Kabuki Beach and don't you think it's funny that Ben always loves to tell people how much he likes hot weather?
I saw the Silver Jews last night oh my god, I couldn't even sleep last night- I think I was about to cry when they started playing random rules!
Anyway, you have to come over here, there is some amazing stuff going on. Oh wow.
Jungle Run is amazing- how did some guys from Scotland come up with that? It true about music sounding warm.