Duncan, Toby, and Ash in front of Stax, Memphis. I love the tribute to Isaac Hayes. Fuck I wish I was there with em!

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ruby may said...

Hey baby girrrlll!
Well I am sending a blog comment here I go.
Actually I have a lot to say about this post, because I was with those guys in New York.
The made sure I didn't get carded, because I am a babyunderagenodrinky there. So we had ab really good time and I even talked this really weird old guy into buying a t-shirt and both records-when he just wanted the 7 inch haha!
And also this guy called me a windowshopper. Is that a good thing? I thought you would know becuase you are so knowledgeable about the hoood. Actualy you know everything.
remember driving in the car and singing... what was it? "NOOOBODY KNOOOWS THE TROUBLE I'VE SEEN! NOOOOBOOODY KNOOOWS THE SORROW!"
Been making little dresses from paper and drinking beer with punks and their rottweilers on a hotel roof. Been making curtains with pom pom trim, been drinking tea because for the first time in my life I am cold broke and tea makes you feel like you just ate a whole roast lamb for breakfast.
Love from the littlest Bean