Songs for Ruby of Montreal (...and no one else d'you hear)

This song is to be listened to whilst zooming around Emerald City on the majestic J.C Higgins.
DOWNLOAD Pat Boone - Moody River

You probably don't have time for any extra art history, but here's a song about how rad Vermeer is.
DOWNLOAD Jonathan Richman - No One Was Like Vermeer

And this song...mmm, i don't know, maybe when you're simultaneously drawing in your room, stitching together a miniature pinafore, and baking German bread.
DOWNLOAD Nagisa Ni Te - Me, On The Beach

No Stop! Actually this song is perfect to bake bread to - (in fast forward, like Chaplin baking bread)
DOWNLOAD Gianpaolo Chiti & Sergio Montori - Wisky E Giornale

Hope the first few weeks of your new life has been wonderful buddy x


ruby may said...

HEY well I am on someone else's computer, but fo defs I'm gonna go to the laundrette with high-speed internet and cool old crackly paint and get these songs- I already downloaded the ones that haven't expired yet.
Hey this guy came up to me at school and said "Oh aren't you that girl from Australia?- Do you like Cut Copy?" And I was like "Man I'm fucking best friends with them." Everyone loves them here, you should pass it on. Just yell it out in the office.
And this boy at a bar that I met went up to dj and he played the saints for my housemate and I! He though he was so obscure- oh it was amazing...
I am having a good time, although I have pretty much run out of cash. haha! At least I have winter boots. And at least I got to see the Silver Jews.
Now I can be poor and hold those golden memories of wealth in my heart forever.
I'll comment later when I have dowloaded the songs Thanks so much Rick!
P.S How good is Felicity's BAYYBEEEE?!

rubyincognito said...

YOU ARE THE BEST THE BEST THE BESTTTTTT!!! Man these songs slay me!
I hadn't downloaded them until today because our internet is fucked.. and you know how much I love JR he is basically me if I was a boyguitarplayer AAND he loves va as in Visual Art as in meet me at the va building.
Also cut copy played last night with the presets- IT'S SORT OF FUNNY you have to admit. c'mon.
Thank you for the sounds.